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My product has arrived faulty / damaged

Rest assured your order is covered by a 365-day warranty, to initiate a claim we'll need the following:. Once you have gathered all necessary information, you can contact us here. We need to let you know that if you go ahead and assemble a damaged or

Help! I've received the wrong product

Oops, we’re sorry that you received the wrong product! We’re going to make this right ASAP; you can help us out by providing us with the following details here.

Mocka Warranty

Mocka offers a 365-day warranty on all our products. We will either credit, replace, or refund the original purchaser in line with this warranty. The warranty covers all manufacturing faults and defects. It does not cover wear, and tear or damage cau

Your Consumer guarantee rights

In the case of faulty items purchased from Mocka, any related return and refund rights we offer you will apply in addition to, and do not limit, other rights and remedies you may have under law, including the Australian Consumer Law. Here’s what to d

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